Donation of Blood in Thailand

          Normally, blood is divided into four groups: A, B, O, and AB. Many people think that each blood type has a distinct personality. The trend of blood donation in Thailand is increasing since your blood will help other patients who are critically unwell and require major surgery. There are now several blood donation places in Thailand, mainly in hospitals. The popular place is Thai Red Cross Society which is located on Henri Dunant Road, Pathumwan District, in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ll go through all of the details on blood donation below:

      Foreigners eager to donate blood in Thailand:

According to the Thai Red Cross Society’s National Blood Centre, foreigners can donate blood if they have a domicile where they can be notified in the event of a blood condition that threatens the safety of donors and patients. However, The period of stay in Thailand is not specified.

On the other hand, The National Blood Center permits anyone over the age of 60 who has a history of donating blood prior to the age of 60 to utilize a foreign blood donation history. However, it is not allowed for those over the age of 60 who intend to give blood for the first time in order to limit donor risk.

      Before blood donation

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

  1. Get adequate rest.
  2. Good health such as not having the illness or using medications. If you take antibiotics, you must stop taking them for at least 7 days.
  3. Keep hydrated. Drink 3-4 glasses of water 30 minutes before donating blood, which is equal to the quantity of blood wasted during the donation process. This approach improves blood flow and may help reduce fainting after blood donation.
  4. Before giving blood, eat a normal meal. However, within 6 hours, you should avoid consuming foods high in fat, such as rice steamed with chicken soup or steamed pig leg on rice, since this will cause the plasma to turn white and cannot be utilized to treat patients.
  5. To improve lung cleansing, refrain from smoking 1 hour before and after donating blood.

                   After blood donation


  1. After blood donation, if there is dizziness like fainting or feel abnormal, you must notify the staff immediately.
  2. If blood is oozing from the bandage, press down on the gauze with your other finger. For 3-5 minutes, press forcefully and raise your arms high. If the absorption continues, return to the blood donation center to see a doctor or nurse.
  3. Take 1 iron pill every day. Make up for the iron lost during blood donation. and avoid iron deficiency.
  4. Iron helps to nourish the blood. So that you should drink high vitamin C beverages such as orange juice, guava juice, or tomato juice. It will improve iron absorption in the body.
  5. Avoid using elevators and escalators since they might make you dizzy and faint.